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PiAN[[]]. CD album april 2023

PiAN[[]]. CD album april 2023

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1. Theme For An Italian Blockbuster 2. Le Jour De La Fête 3. The Situation With Aaron 4. Dawn 5. Любовь 6. Au Bord De La Nuit 7. Life

All songs written/arranged/produced/played and mixed by [[]]togethermachine
except #2 written and produced with Kamiel Rongen. #4 written and produced with Leon Den Engelsen, all piano's played by him. #5 written with Thijs Lodewijk. He plays his wonderful Trautonium. #6 written with Johan Hendrikse. All keys by him.
Mastered by Ivo Severijns for Music Matters. Artwork by Geert Limburg

C & P 2023 Kokosmusic

 Although being a drummer and vocalist, when asked in a recent interview to name his favorite instrument, Marcel van As ([[]]togethermachine) replied after some thought: "the Piano". It has always been in his life from childhood, and in every home since. A better name for it would have been "Pinao", because typing the damn word is impossible.

This 7 track album "PiAN[[]]” follows the 2022 collab- album Inner City Groove, Vol. 1. with @prtr_jan. Prior to that [[]]togethermachine made his debut in june 2020 with "EP" as a prelude to the album "[[]]" that november. A few months later [[]]togethermachine released the EP " [[]]togethermachine feat. Mischa Porte, introducing れいか おぜき" ,a collection of songs inspired by drumtracks Dutch drummer Mischa Porte posted to the internet.

In roughly 3 years time Marcel van As has produced a lot of music, almost always groove-based with an ambient type piano song here and there. But never did he compile a whole album like this, where every song is piano-driven, played by himself, every so often by other fellow musicians.
This is
PiAN[[]], as in the instrument obviously, but also as in the classical indication "Pianissimo" in a musical score. This album is more melancholic, more cinematic as a whole. Not Piano music like in the overpopulated ambient piano, yoga -what -not "Amélie-tradition", but different. Sometimes with beats, orchestral, soundscape-esque, or like scoring darker movie- genres.

Like the name [[]]togethermachine suggests, four tracks on this 7 track album are collabs with befriended artists. Waterballet; a musician/visual ARTist who also made the video for Le Jour de la Fête. Leon Den Engelsen played and improvised all piano’s on Dawn. His studio in the woods somewhere deep in Sweden really reflect the beats and soundscapes [[]]togethermachine provided. Ludowic plays his Trautonium on Любовь.This original instrument was specially made for this innovative artist, who is known for his music for games and his modular studio set up. “introducing kokos” points to a compilation later to be released with tracks from old collab-duo kokos with Johan Hendrikse on keys. The track Au Bord De la Nuit pt.2 was recorded 20 years ago. Pt.1 will be on the compilation.

[[]]togethermachine is the studio outfit for drummer Marcel van As (Coparck/Spinvis) Heavily influenced by David Holmes, DJ Shadow, Beach House, Prince and Miles Davis (a.o) he released his debutalbum ‘[[]]” in november 2020, to critical acclaim.


Marcel started out as a drummer for Rotterdam-based Handsome 3some, releasing an album and an EP with EMI/Parlophone in 1999/2000. After that he played drums for Coparck between 2003 and 2010. Always interested in combining electronics with acoustic drums, he started out programming beats and learn more about drummachines and samplers. This combination attracted the attention of well-known Dutch singer Spinvis, who asked him to join his band. Marcel has been playing for Spinvis since 2010, touring Holland and Belgium ever since and will be doing so in the future.

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